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The TURBO Clean DPF cleaning machine allows for regeneration and effective cleaning of the DPF/FAP filter, without negatively affecting its structure, restoring up to 99% of the nominal flow capacity.

The technologists and designers have made every effort to ensure that the cleaning procedure is safe for the environment and machine operators.
The regeneration process takes place in a closed chamber, equipped with filters that prevent harmful contaminants from getting in contact with the operating personnel. Water with detergent circulates in a closed circuit and is filtered during the entire process, which significantly extends the life of the bath.

TURBO Clean DPF cleans filters using water, chemicals and air. Appropriately selected, computer-controlled sequence of feeding water with a chemical agent, air, combined with pulses generated by compressed air, ensure high efficiency of regeneration process.

After the cleaning process is completed, the device dries the filter with air at a temperature of 90oC, which ensures complete evaporation of the cleaning solution. After drying is completed, the device performs a final measurement of the back pressure. Such a measurement can also be performed before cleaning, which will allow for a later comparison of the back pressure values before and after cleaning. The device is equipped with a printer that allows you to print the measurement report.

The filter washing time for passenger cars is 20-40 minutes, for trucks it is about 50-75 minutes, which enables the regeneration of up to a dozen filters within 8 hours. High efficiency combined with low operating costs guarantees a quick return on purchase costs.


  • cleans DPF, FAP filters and catalysts of all brands
  • initial on-line diagnostics!
  • cremoves up to 99% of impurities in the filter
  • cleaning time 20-40 minutes for cars, up to 75 minutes for trucks
  • large filtration area - up to 15.6 m2
  • hot air drying up to 90oC
  • no need to cut, modify or weld the filter
  • solid particles do not become airborne when cleaning the filter
  • cpower consumption of the machine is much lower compared to filter burning machines
  • easy to use
  • modern look
  • convenient visibility of the cleaning process, making it easier to track and control the process
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