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Insulated dry ice containers

CRYONOMIC® Insulated Containers (CIC) are highly insulated thermoplastic containers. They are designed to store and transport dry ice and, of course, are also well suited for cooling other products. CIC Dry Ice Containers combine robustness, quality and hygiene by being constructed from a single block of polyethylene with stainless steel metal fittings.

Advantages of CRYONOMIC containers:

  • Hygienic silicone gasket
  • Metal elements made of stainless steel
  • The depth of the container inside is not too great, which allows each user to easily empty the dry ice from the bottom
  • Two handles for easy transport of the containers
  • Locks and hinges do not protrude from the walls
  • Available on wheels or on pallet

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CRYONOMIC® dry ice containers

In the case of mass dry ice deliveries, solid, industrial CRYONOMIC® dry ice containers will be perfect and will ensure minimum evaporation of dry ice.

Available sizes of CRYONOMIC® dry ice containers:

  • CRYONOMIC® CIC33: thick-walled container, capacity 33 liters / 26 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC65: thick-walled container, capacity 65 liters / 50 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC70: thick-walled container, capacity 70 liters / 55 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC85: thick-walled container, capacity 85 liters / 70 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC91: thick-walled container, capacity 91 liters / 75 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC151: thick-walled container, capacity 151 liters / 125 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC370: thick-walled container, capacity 370 liters / 300 kg of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIC550: thick-walled container, capacity 550 liters / 440 kg of dry ice

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Pelletizers - machines for production of dry ice CRYONOMIC®

CRYONOMIC® dry ice pelletizers are fed by liquid CO2 from a pressurized tank and convert liquid gas into CO2 snow, which is then compressed into solid pellets. Each machine can produce dry ice pellets (diameter 3 mm) and sticks (diameter 10 or 16 mm). To make dry ice, you need a liquid CO2 storage tank (this is the same CO2 used in the food industry).

We offer four different sizes of machines for the production of dry ice pellets:

  • CRYONOMIC® CIP-5XS: capacity up to 35 kg / h of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIP-5S: capacity up to 100 kg / h of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIP-5M: capacity up to 180 kg / h of dry ice
  • CRYONOMIC® CIP-5L: capacity up to 300 kg / h of dry ice
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