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Well-trained staff and high-quality spare parts are essential, but the most important thing from the quality point of view of turbocharger overhaul is precise balancing of the rotor and entire turbocharger core and the setting of variable geometry (VNT).

SCHENCK is the world leader in balancing technology and the only supplier of automatic balancing machines for turbocharger rotors and cores for turbocharger manufacturers (OEMs). This results in the fact that balancing machines for turbo overhaul are extremely precise and reliable, as the measuring systems used in these machines are identical to those for production machines.

In remanufacturing of turbochargers, two balancing machines are crucial: the low-speed TBcomfort for balancing the shaft with turbine and compressor wheel, and high-speed TBsonio for balancing cores. TBcomfort is characterized by high accuracy and repeatability of measurement thanks to a special resonance frame with HS type supports and a mineral cast construction..

TBsonio balancing machine, in turn, is the only high-speed machine on the market (up to 250,000 rpm) that measures unbalance, and only then a very accurate and repeatable measurement is provided. Of course, the balancer additionally measures the acceleration, speed and displacement of vibrations in the entire speed range! Both machines are equipped with the latest measuring systems that are easy to use and intuitive for the operator. TBsonio is also built on a mineral cast structure that dampens external vibrations.


In addition to balancing machines, an air compressor is necessary - we offer a SK15P screw compressor with an air dryer and a 1000 l tank.

The components of the disassembled turbocharger must be sandblasted and cleaned - it is recommended to purchase two TURBOblast evo II sandblasters and two TURBOclean evo II washers, which have been designed specifically for such tasks.

TurboClean Evo II is a professional high-pressure cleaning machine, made of high-quality stainless steel. These washers are very well suited for the regeneration of car components and for cleaning heavily soiled parts made of steel, cast iron, aluminum and other alloys. The washer is equipped with two filters and has feet that adjust the height to 20 cm. An additional advantage of the washer is a brush and a gun with compressed air. There are special air nozzles on the glass to ensure good visibility during work.

When having a larger number of remanufactured turbochargers, a good solution is an ultrasonic cleaning machine from the Spanish company Ultratecno - one of the world leaders in the production of industrial ultrasonic cleaners. You can find more information about these devices on the Ultratecno website.

The TurboBlast Evo II sandblaster was specially designed to quickly and conveniently clean aluminum and cast iron turbocharger components. The process uses ceramic powders with a grain size of 150-600 microns. Convenience of work is ensured by a high-power extractor and a closed circuit. The device can also be used to remove dirt from metal, ceramic and plastic elements.


For several years, standard equipment of the turbocharger overhaul plant has included a machine for calibrating and setting the variable geometry of turbochargers, which is extremely important for the entire remanufacturing process. RoTec Polska is a distributor on the Polish market of Flow Bench machines manufactured by the German company VISCOM Automotive. VISCOM machines are characterized primarily by over 400% higher, and at the same time unrivaled, work efficiency as well as intuitive and simple operation.

The German manufacturer was the first in the world to implement the possibility of programming and reprogramming electronic controllers for turbochargers in its machines. Flow Bench is available in three versions - BASIC, COMFORT and PREMIUM. The flagship FLB-PREMIUM model was chosen as the product of the year 2015 by Auto-Expert magazine in the "Workshop equipment and software" category.

In 2017, a prototype control station called EVOLUTION was developed, which in a fraction of a second and without human intervention decides what steps should be taken to make the right correction of the turbine geometry for a specific manufacturer. The German manufacturer of measuring stands, despite the time passing quickly, is still the only company on the turbocharger regeneration market that has fully automated the process of setting both pneumatic and electronic control systems and has shortened the process time from a few minutes to just a few seconds. Already in the first half of 2018, Evolution was used by the first customers in Europe.




Another important points are: high-quality spare parts for turbochargers at attractive prices for customers buying all the equipment, and, apart from standard training in machine operation and balancing technology, a professional training in turbocharger remanufacturing in a friendly, professional workshop.

In addition to all the necessary equipment, RoTec Polska offers very attractive financing of investments as leasing or loans, with or without VAT.

To sum up, in times of increasing competition in the turbocharger overhaul industry, when entering this business, it is worth investing in top-class equipment from a reputable manufacturer and trusting a company that has the greatest experience in balancing and can provide the customer with a comprehensive solution and support at every stage of the project.

If you have any questions about turbocharger overhaul equipment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Remanufacturing and balancing of turbochargers by SCHENCK RoTec

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